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Gorillas are the largest members of the primate family and are closely related to humans, with 98% of their DNA identical to that of humans. Unlike other primates they are terrestrial, meaning they do not climb trees and are land dwelling, inhabiting the tropical rain-forests of central Africa.

Historically the gorilla has been portrayed as a vicious killer; however they are shy gentle creatures that would not attack humans unless provoked.Gorillas are classified as mammals, which is defined as a ‘Warm-blooded vertebrate animal that has hair or fur, secretes milk, and bears live young ones thus qualifying to be a mammal. Upon their discovery, gorillas were classified as one species, however they are now separated into two species and four sub species according to geographical location and physical characteristics. They live in groups called a troop led by a dominant silverback male, and are highly sociable animals, maintaining strong bonds between group members. So with the expertise of Uganda safari trail, rest assured to go and see these primates to the fullest.